Sep 3, 2015

Pinners Conference November 6-7

Dear Friends-
Have you heard? Workshop sign ups have begun! I think Pinner’s Conference has got to be one of the most fun and worthwhile conferences to go to. Between the workshops and the booths, it is an amazingly cool uplifting experience.

Put in the code ‘pebbles’ to save 10% on your tickets today at
100 Workshops and 200+ Booths make for a fantastic weekend with friends… and will leave you feeling rested and inspired.

I will be teaching a fun wood class on Friday Night at 7:30pm 
Polka Dot Forest
You will LOVE this workshop! Come spend a relaxing time on this quick and easy project as we paint and polka dot together. You will take home a completed project that will make you smile through the years. Cost $13.99 Sign up at
Hope to see you there! 
Brenda Birrell

Aug 27, 2015

Craft Date: Gratitude Quote

We invite you to bring your friends and join the fun. Please allow 20 minutes to create this project. 
See you soon! 

Aug 18, 2015

Happy Happy Halloween Craft Date

Dear Friends,
Craft Dates are beginning at Pebbles in my Pocket. Get ready to enjoy time with your friends and we will help you make fabulous quick and easy projects at our place. Each week we will have different projects and you can pick your favorite kits to make. Click on Project Sheet below to enlarge. You simply preorder them a week or so ahead of time and we will get your kits assembled and waiting for you... and save 25% too! Please call and reserve your spot ahead of time! Adhesives and supplies are provided : )

For our friends that live away... please gather you friends and place a group order. Save 25% and FREE SHIPPING on orders $75+. Pick a place and make a craft date together. *Additional supplies needed for Happy Happy Halloween Craft when made at homes: 1/4” red tape, good quality white crafting glue, 1/8”paper punch, scissors, score pad and tool, stapler, black thread and sewing machine

Ordering takes place August 17 to 21 Please call us with questions and orders 801.226.2632 or email 

Our Craft Date Open House is August 24 to 29 from10am to 7pm 1132 South State Street Orem Utah 

* All projects are available premade too! We are happy to do the assembly for you!
* Be sure to take pictures and link to us on Instagram and Facebook #madewithpebblesinmypocket 

Jun 13, 2015

Summer Banners

We are filling the shop with summer banners that will surely bring a smile to you! Bright colors and simple designs that are available as kits and pre-made banners that are ready to go, just pull it out of the package and hang it up. How easy is that? Your summer just got easier... make it a good one!

Jun 2, 2015

New Wood is here :)

What do Watermelons, BYU and an Ampersand have in common? Not a darn thing but Oh! We love them! We are happy to start introducing the newest members of our Pebbles in my Pocket Wood Crafts... Find them here and look for many more to come :

May 12, 2015

Tea Party at Home

My girls like to plan special nights and this time they planned a tea party, which I hope we do again and again. Yes. I liked it that much. Kelsie and Abby passed out assignments and we got into our nice clothes and ate pretty food that was over the moon good.  Abby even bought flowers that will quickly make it down to her room right after. The pretty paper garland was created at Pebbles in my Pocket and made everything extra special. Yes, we are a paper store, but I like to believe we help make memories too. Come visit, we are here to help you...

Loved my grand-daughter Phoebe, who put in her very own hair bow for the tea party, but the outdoors was calling and she jumped right in! Can you tell? She makes me smile real big : ) Thank you girls for the special night, I love these times with you...

(Note: I fold in 1 cup of whipped cream to make the mixture lighter and 
pipe the mixture into sliced strawberries. You can also substitute Almond
Extract for Vanilla if you wish)

May 9, 2015

Best Quality Erasable Chalk Pens

One of my most favorite quotes that I try to keep in mind all day long... look for ways to serve. I read an article about the worst thing to say to someone struggling. "Let me know what I can do." We all say this right? Hoping they will call because we really want to help, yet don't always know how. But they rarely call. Instead, this article encouraged us to ask and do "what is your family's favorite dinner?" "I would love to pick up your kids after school this week and watch them for a couple of hours." or "Let's go to lunch on Wednesday and visit". I loved and learned a lot from this article to go out and do...

I think one of the coolest things to place throughout your home are chalkboards. Quotes can easily be erased and replaced with new uplifting ones. My favorite pen now is the new Erasable Chalk Pen by American Crafts. It goes on smooth, like butter. We now carry them at our store Pebbles in my Pocket and you will also find them online here.  Let the doodling begin...

Have a wonderful Saturday... it's a rainy one here in Utah today :)